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What is CipherLite.NET?

CipherLite.NET offers a GUI tool and a .NET API that you can use to encrypt and decrypt data. The tool also allows you to generate and verify data hashes.

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What can CipherLife.NET do?

CipherLife.NET can:

  • Encrypt and decrypt data via the GUI or class library using the Rijndael (AES) symmetric key algorithm.
  • Encrypt and decrypt data via the GUI or class library using DPAPI.
  • Generate and verify data hashes via the GUI or class library.

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When to use CipherLite.NET?

CipherLite.NET can be considered in cases when a more secure solution is not feasible, e.g. for web applications hosted by third parties when you are not allowed administrative access to the server. It can also be used as a temporary workaround in case your application needs to address an security audit violation until you find a better alternative.

One option would be to use CipherLite.NET for encrypting sensitive application settings using DPAPI. You would open the GUI tools, specify the encryption key type (machine- or user-specific), encrypt data, and then copy the encrypted value to the application configuration file. The application can retrieve and decrypt the value using the provided API or its own code. You can also follow a similar approach for storing hashed passwords.

In some cases, you can also use CipherLite.NET to encrypt data using a symmetric (Rijndael) key, but then you will need to solve the problem of protecting the encryption key.

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When not to use CipherLite.NET?

While CipherLite.NET offers a more secure approach than keeping sensitive application settings in plain text, it is not very secure. If you need to use a better protection mechanism, consider using CipherSafe.NET or another alternative.

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What does CipherLite.NET require?

CipherLite.NET must run on a Windows® operating system with a .NET Framework.

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Which programming languages can call the CipherLite.NET API?

You can use CipherLite.NET from most application written in managed code (managed C/C++, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET).

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Is CipherLite.NET free?

Yes, CipheLite.NET is absolutely free for both personal and commercial use.

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